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Here is an example of what I have already

The main functionality works, but now I need to make the controller list smaller, so that it fits better to the screen, as it's fixed positioned.

So, I think it should show next three list-items from active item and 2 previous ones.

Something like this would work, but I think there should be shorter and more convinient way:

//Display closest items
$('#historyController li.active').prevAll('li:not(.first)').hide().slice(0,2).show();
$('#historyController li.active').nextAll('li:not(.last)').hide().slice(0,3).show();

Any tips for re-factoring current code for better performance would be helpful as well.

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please add more of your code so we can follow along –  Lyle's Mug Nov 19 '13 at 20:20

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