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The below program takes the inputted string from commandline and parses it and calls the corresponding function. Commands are either single word or multiple words.

For example:

-#version      //single word cmd

-#show input pressure  
-#show input temp

The above 2 commands can fall under "show input."

In the current algorithm, on splitting the input string to tokens, I determine if it's a single word or double word.

If the number of token (strings) are more than 2 then based on the second token (here "input") it searches the second table show_input_command_list[] and calls the appropriate function.

Some of the other commands are like:

show network ipaddress     
show network ipsubnet   
show network abcd<#>

set network ipaddress <#>
set network ipsubnet <#>
set network abcd <#>  <#>

So I have to add ShowNetwork to table 1 and create a new table show_network_command_list[] and add the three other commands.

How could I improve this algorithm?

This code is not fully complete. I'm looking for a better algorithm.


#define CLI_PROMPT    "CMD> "
#define CLI_NOT_FOUND "Command not found\"%s\"\n"

typedef unsigned char  uint8;
typedef unsigned short uint16;
typedef unsigned int   uint32;
typedef signed   char  int8;
typedef signed   short int16;
typedef signed   int   int32;

void CLI();
uint8 strsplit(const char *s, char **array, char *separator);
int16 strcontains(const char *s, char c);


uint8 clear(uint8 argn, const char **argv);
uint8 version(uint8 argn, const char **argv);
void quit(uint8 argn, const char **argv);
uint8 run(uint8 argn, const char **argv);
//void help(uint8 argn, const char **argv);
int help(int argn,  char **argv);

int ShowInput(char argn,const char **argv);
int SystemRun(char argn,const char **argv);

int ShowInputPressure(char argn,const char **argv);
int ShowInputTemp(char argn,const char **argv);
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I think its a mistake to have two word commands. No other shell I know of has gone in this direction. I would have the "show" command whose first parameter is what it is showing. –  Loki Astari Jan 8 '13 at 23:01