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I've been given the criteria of dynamically populating values on a web page based on values the user saved.

This gist has the basics of the code.

What I'm wondering is if anyone can suggest a better method than what I've done.
The code is also used to read the values of the controls dynamically, hence the bad naming convention for the _getOrSet... method.

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You should include the code here, not just link to it. – svick Dec 27 '12 at 23:14
How dynamic are the controls on the page? Do the controls available on the page change as well, or is it only the data that changes? If only the data changes, you should look into creating an object to represent what is displayed and then data binding its properties to the controls on the page. – Dan Lyons Dec 31 '12 at 18:11

I would create a Facade class to manage the details of setting the control value. Something like this:

public abstract class SettableControl
    public abstract object Value {get;set;}
    //maybe some other properties, like Name

Then create an implementation of this for each of your control types. For example:

public TextBoxSettableControl
     private readonly TextBox _textBox;

     public TextBoxsettableControl(Textbox textBox)
          _textbox = textBox;

     public object Value
          { get { return _textBox.Text; } }
          { set { _textBox.Text = value.ToString(); } }

Then you set or get in a real natural and readable way against a consistent interface.

EDIT: you will probably want a factory for SettableControl that takes a Control as an input. This is where you switch statement will move to.

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