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I tried implementing the exclusive queue as given in the Little book of semaphores. But I suspect there's a deadlock occurring as i see no progress. Not able to figure out the issue. Any pointers would be helpful.

from threading import Thread, Semaphore
class Queue:
def __init__(self):
    self.leaders = 0
    self.followers = 0
    self.mutex= Semaphore(1)
    self.leaderQ = Semaphore(0)
    self.followerQ = Semaphore(0)
    self.renz = Semaphore(0)

def dance(self, who, i):
    print i, ' ', who, " is dancing tra ling"

def leader(self, i):
    if self.followers > 0:
        self.followers -= 1
        self.leaders += 1
    self.dance('leader ', i)

def follower(self, i):
    if self.leaders > 0:
        print i, " is dancing tra ling"
        self.leaders -= 1
        self.followers += 1
    self.dance('follower ', i)

class Worker(Thread):
def __init__(self, q, i):
    self.q = q
    self.i = i

def run(self):

qu = Queue()

for i in range(2):
print('doing :', i)
Worker(qu, i).start()
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In Worker.run() both of your threads are running Queue.follower() so they both end up blocked on followerQ, and neither of them ever runs Queue.leader().

I think your Queue is correct, but for it to work properly, you have to make sure there is at least

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