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I was reading through some code in a forum I shall not name, and found this snippet:

$tempFile = '';
$tempFile2 = '';
$arrayLength = count($filesArr); 
    //some code

I'm by no means a php guru but those curly braces don't make alot of sense to me. Anyone know of some usage I'm not familiar with. <- please don't run with that XD

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I'm not too familiar with PHP but in some languages (C++, Java, etc) braces have their own local scope, so variables can be created and used only within the braces. It seems in PHP only functions/methods have local scope, so those braces likely have no functional effect. They may be done for aesthetic purposes (like organizing a small block of code), or they might be a mistake. The only way to really be sure is by asking the person who wrote the code.

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