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['content', 'answers', 'comments'].each do |t|
  break if results.length >= MAX_RESULTS
  Question.search_tank('', :conditions => conditions.merge(t => "#{search_term}"), :page => 1, :per_page => 5).each do |q|
    next if matched_qs.include?
    matched_qs <<

    r = {:title => q.content, :value => app_question_url(,}
    if t == 'content'
      r[:label] = highlight_matched(search_regex, q.content)
      r[:label] << "<span class='search-type'>Question</span>"
      r[:label] = q.content

    if t == 'answers'
      r[:label] = "<span class='search-type snippet'>Answer</span>" + [r[:label], get_snippet(search_regex, q.answers)].compact.join('<br />')

    if t == 'comments'
      r[:label] = "<span class='search-type snippet'>Comment</span>" + [r[:type], r[:label], get_snippet(search_regex,].compact.join('<br />')

    results << r
    break if results.length >= MAX_RESULTS

I would like to refactor that part which generates r[:label]

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is there a results = [] before the loop? are you missing an end at the end? is this a helper? – tokland Dec 13 '12 at 18:34
Yes there is results = [] before the loop and yes i miss end No this is no helper but search#new action which render json results.to_json – regedarek Dec 13 '12 at 23:56
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This needs some tweaking, but I hope it helps you identify the main issues to address in your code (IMHO):

objects = [:content, :answers, :comments].flat_map do |type|
  questions = Question.search_tank('', {
    :page => 1, 
    :per_page => 5,
    :conditions => conditions.merge(type => search_term), 
  }) { |q| [q, type] }

results = do |q, type| 
  label = case type
  when :content
    highlight_matched(search_regex, q.content) + 
      content_tag(:span, "Question", :class => "search-type")
  when :answers
    content_tag(:span, "Answer", :class => 'search-type snippet'>) + 
      [q.content, get_snippet(search_regex, q.answers)].compact.join(tag(:br))
  when :comments
    comments = get_snippet(search_regex, q.answers.flat_map(&:comments))]    
    content_tag(:span, "Comment", :class => 'search-type snippet'>) +
      [t, q.content, comments].compact.join(tag(:br))
  {:title => q.content, :value => app_question_url(,, :label => label}


  • Avoid stateful variables whenever possible (that's it, don't update inplace), work with expressions.
  • Use Rails helpers (content_tag, tag, ...).
  • Use symbols for key-like values, not strings.
  • "#{something}" -> something.to_s
  • map + flatten = flat_map. Even though you should able to write q.answer_commments in Rails 3.1 will the correct model settings.
  • Use case, not a chain of if/elsif if the condition is on the same value.
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Thanks a lot for your hints. – regedarek Dec 13 '12 at 23:58
And since this is no helper I can use content_tag – regedarek Dec 14 '12 at 10:11
can or can't? it does not matter if it's not a helper, you can always use helpers just with an include of the desired module. – tokland Dec 14 '12 at 10:22
Hmm, Of course I can`t :), thx – regedarek Dec 14 '12 at 10:31
"#{content_tag(:span, "Answer", :class: 'search-type snippet')}" + [q.content, get_snippet(search_regex, q.answers)].compact.join(tag(:br)) I dont know why I have to use #{} here to_s not working and i see html tags <br/> – regedarek Dec 14 '12 at 12:23

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