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I need to generate JSON array in array data. I am able to get data from first array, however not able to get data from child array.

For example :-

[ { "id":"2012" "month": [ { "1": "Jan 2012"}, { "2": "Feb"} ] }, { "id":"2011" "month": [ { "1": "Jan 2011"}, { "2": "Feb"} ] } ]

I know how to call data from first array but stuck to get data from 2nd array, namely: month's data.

Please suggest me how I can get data from array in array

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I think this belongs on Stack Overflow. Also, please show us what you have tried. –  S.L. Barth Nov 21 '12 at 6:09
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First - your example is wrong. You should put comma after each id' value.

var jsonObject = {
  "id": "2012",
  "month": [
     {"1": "Jan 2012"},
     {"2": "Feb"}
}, {
  "id": "2011",
  "month": [
    {"1": "Jan 2011"},
    {"2": "Feb"}

And get data from json, like this:

var month = jsonObject[0].month[1];
var monthName = month["2"];

Another way - rename the keys in child array, for example {"m1": "Jan 2011"} and so on. And than you can get data form json object in a line ...

var monthName = json[0].month[1].m2;

Good luck.

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you missed the square brackets for outer array, other than that answer is correct –  almaz Nov 21 '12 at 11:06
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