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I'm evaluating a meeting_type value that determines what kind of pricing structure I should be using. Currently, if my meeting_type value is a w, we charge one price for every 10 registrants. If the meeting_type is anything else, it's a price per registrant model.

I'm using this logic:

if($_POST['meeting_type'] != 'w'){          
    $total_price = $guests * $price;
    $webinar_count = ceil($guests / 10);
    $total_price = $webinar_count * $price;

Is this logic flawed? Can it be improved upon?

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Removing intermediate variable $webinar_count

$total_price = ($_POST['meeting_type'] == 'w')
             ? (ceil($guests / 10) * $price)
             : ($guests * $price);


if ($_POST['meeting_type'] != 'w') {
    $total_price = $guests * $price;
} else {
    $total_price = ceil($guests / 10) * $price;
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