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I wrote some code in Flask for site menu:

def menu(parent_id=0, menutree=None):
    menutree = menutree or []
    cur = g.db.execute('select id, parent, alias, title, ord from static where parent="'+ str(parent_id) +'" and ord>0 order by ord')
    fetch = cur.fetchall()

    if not fetch:
        return None

    return [{'id':raw[0], 'parent':raw[1], 'alias':raw[2], 'title':raw[3], 'sub':menu(raw[0])} for raw in fetch]

The data is taken from the sqlite3 table:

create table static (
  id integer primary key autoincrement,
  parent integer,
  alias string not null,
  title string not null,
  text string not null,
  ord integer

Variable (menu_list) is transmitted to template in each route:

def index():
    menu_list = menu()
    return render_template('index.tpl', **locals())

Despite the fact that the code is more or less normal (except for prepared statements in a query to the database), the template is not made very good code:

<nav role="navigation">
  {% for menu in menu_list %}
    <a{% if page_id == menu.id %} class="active"{% endif %} href="/{{ menu.alias }}">{{ menu.title }}</a>
    {% if menu.sub %}
      {% for sub in menu.sub %}
      <li><a href="/{{ menu.alias }}/{{ sub.alias }}">{{ sub.title }}</a>
        {% if sub.sub %}
          {% for subsub in sub.sub %}
          <li><a href="/{{ menu.alias }}/{{ sub.alias }}/{{ subsub.alias }}">{{ subsub.title }}</a>
          {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
      {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

Is it possible to improve the existing code / output / logic ?

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