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I just spent the whole night writing this little script for my search engine. Now i want to improve it.

Any ideas?

echo "KEYWORDS : ".  $searchstring  = "the and";

$sentence = "Skype Home is unavailable at the moment. Check back later to see your news and alerts.  It's easy to start a conversation on Skype:  Choose a contact and start talking Call a phone or mobile from the dial pad, or send an SMS.";

echo "<br><br><b>ORIGINAL STRING</b><br><br>$sentence";

$kt=split(' ',$searchstring); //Breaking the string to array of words


    // do not load sentence from session on first run!  

    } else {
        $sentence  = $_SESSION['NewSentence'];
    if($val<>" " and strlen($val) > 0){

        // make keyword bold and send entire sentence to session

        $_SESSION['NewSentence']    = eregi_replace ("$val", "<b>$val</b>", $sentence);
        // output sentence with added keyword

        echo "<br><br>$num bolding:  <b style='color:green;'>$val</b> <br><br>  ".$_SESSION['NewSentence'];


// make all bold keywords to red`

echo '<br><br><b>FINAL STRING</b><br><br>';
echo  $_SESSION['NewSentence'] = eregi_replace ("<b>", "<b style='color:red'>", $_SESSION['NewSentence']);

//destroy  session
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Use of deprecated functions

Both split() and eregi_replace() are deprecated since PHP 5.3. Don't use them.

Use preg_replace() instead of eregi_replace() and explode() instead of split() Other alternatives are str_replace() and preg_split().

Unexpected results

When the search string is lowercase, all replaced words will be lowercase too. The case of the original word is not preserved.

Unused variables

The $key variable is assigned but never used. In fact, the entire while loop is odd. Use a foreach loop instead, like so:

foreach($kt as $val) {

Missing function

The code should be in a function. The function would require two parameters, the string and an array of words to highlight, and return the result string. The function should not echo anything (but I presume the echo statements are debugging things).


Although valid, the use of <b> tags is outdated. It describes formatting in a document layout, without specifying the need for the format. You should use html for layout and css for styling. Then you can replace the <b> with a <span class="highlight> (or any other sensible class name).

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Unused if statements

You have a if($num<=1) statment that is empty, while your using else. Reverse the statement like this.

if ($num > 1) {
    $sentence  = $_SESSION['NewSentence'];

Ambiguous use of $_SESSION

You should not use $_SESSION as a storage unless you are going to use it in another session (read: new page load/refresh). At the end of your script you're destroying the session, if that's your intention use variables as placeholders and leave $_SESSION alone.

Hard to read code

You should always aim to make the code as readable as possible. Take for example look at PSR-1 and PSR-2 to learn a coding standard.

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