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I am trying to write a generic JavaScript subroutine to set the periodicity in the week:

var items = {"0": "none", "1":"Daily", "2": "Every weekday (Monday to Friday)", "3": "Weekly"};

I would like to improve this to make it more generic and readable if possible.

var callback = selectDay(idValue);​
createSelect(items, idValue, callback);

var createSelect = function (items, idValue) {
    var selElem = document.createElement("select");
    $.each(items, function (key, value) {
        var ov = document.createElement("option");
        ov.value = key;

var selectDay = function (idValue, element) {
    var element = $(idValue);
    var childElements = idValue + '_';
    element.find('select').change(function () {
        if($(this).val() === '0') {
            $(this).closest('div').find('input').attr("checked", false);
        if($(this).val() === '1') {
            $(this).closest('div').find('input').attr("checked", true);
        if($(this).val() === '2') {
            for (var i = 0; i < 5; i += 1) {
                $(childElements + i).attr("checked", true);
            for (var i = 5; i < 7; i += 1) {
                $(childElements + i).attr("checked", false);
        if($(this).val() === '3') {
            $(this).closest('div').find('input').attr("checked", false);
            $(childElements + (new Date()).getDay()).attr("checked", true);

var items = {"0": "none", "1":"Daily", "2": "Every weekday (Monday to Friday)", "3": "Weekly"};
var idValue = '#contest_data_updatePeriodicity_days';
createSelect(items, idValue);

My questions are:

  1. How can I ameliorate this piece of code?
  2. How can make a callback in order to make something like this?


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  1. Use prop() instead of attr().
  2. See the first point.
  3. You're declaring var selectDay = function(idValue, element), your element argument is probably a typo? You don't need it.
  4. See the first point.
  5. Use switch instead of all those if. Or at least cache the $(this).val() result.
  6. See the first point.
  7. You don't need element.find(), you could use the context (somehow cleaner).

Overall, here is some code to give you the idea:

var selectDay = function (idValue) {
    $('select', idValue).change(function() {
        switch ($(this).val()) {
            case '0':
                $('label', idValue).hide();

                // Use prop(), not attr().
                $(this).closest('div').find('input').prop('checked', true);

Now you may notice something: this doesn't have exactly the same behavior as your code. Guess why :-)

A friend of mine says that whenever you use a switch case, you can actually use a mapping object. This might be another way to do it. The mapping object would be something like:

var mapping = {
    '0': {
        'label': 'hide',
        'checked': false
    '1': {
        'label': 'hide',
        'checked': true

And then you code accordingly to this object.

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