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I am very new to JQuery and am not familiar with all its methods. How would you refactor showNextTip() method (it looks very ugly to me)

    <div id="dialog-tip" title="Did You Know?">
        <p>I am tip 1</p>
        <img src="Images/Tips/tip1.png" alt="Tip!" />     

function showNextTip() {
    var tip1_title = "I am tip 1";
    var tip1_p = "<p>" + tip1_title + "</p>";
    var tip1_img = "<img src='Images/Tips/tip1.png' alt='Tip!' />";

    var tip2_title = "I am tip ";
    var tip2_p = "<p>" + tip2_title + "</p>";
    var tip2_img = "<img src='Images/Tips/tip2.png' alt='Tip!' />";

    var tip3_title = "I am tip 3";
    var tip3_p = "<p>" + tip3_title + "</p>";
    var tip3_img = "<img src='Images/Tips/tip3.png' alt='Tip!' />";

    if ($("#dialog-tip p").html() == tip1_title) {
        $("#dialog-tip p").replaceWith(tip2_p);
        $("#dialog-tip img").replaceWith(tip2_img);
    } else if ($("#dialog-tip p").html() == tip2_title) {
        $("#dialog-tip p").replaceWith(tip3_p);
        $("#dialog-tip img").replaceWith(tip3_img);
    } else if ($("#dialog-tip p").html() == tip3_title) {
        $("#dialog-tip p").replaceWith(tip1_p);
        $("#dialog-tip img").replaceWith(tip1_img);

EDIT: I might have different strings for Title and Image. in c# i would of create a class named Tips with 2 properties: title and image. how can i do so with JQuery?


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Well, here are a couple tips: DOM manipulation is expensive. Put all the content in the DOM, then just toggle which "tip" is active using CSS classes. Cache references to DOM elements (anything like $("#dialog-tip"). Really, just do as little "DOM touching" as possible. –  Mark Oct 1 '12 at 17:07
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1 Answer 1

<div id="dialog-tip" title="Did You Know?">
    <p class="tip-text">I am tip 1</p>
    <img class="tip-image" src="/images/tips/tip1.png" alt="">

(function() {
    var tips = ['I am tip 1', 'I am tip 2', 'I am tip 3'],
        tipIndex = 0;

    window.showNextTip = function() {
        tipIndex = (tipIndex + 1) % tips.length;
        $('#dialog-tip .tip-text').text(tips[tipIndex]);
        $('#dialog-tip .tip-image').prop('src', '/images/tips/tip' + (tipIndex+1) + '.png');
  • Avoid duplication.
  • Avoid pollution of the global name space.
  • Reference elements by classes rather than tag names to improve maintainability.
  • Always escape HTML to avoid XSS and hidden bugs.
  • Minimize DOM touches, because they can be expensive.